Site/CMS Info

Site/CMS Info

Since CMSimple_XH 1.7 the template function <?php echo poweredbylink()?> is available. The function creates a link to the automatically generated page "Site/CMS Info" and is meant to replace the usual "Powered by CMSimple_XH" link.

The link text is "Site/CMS Info" which can be changed by <?php echo poweredbylink('alternative text')?>

Text at the beginning of the generated "Site/CMS Info" page can be entered via a hidden news box page named "Site/CMS Info".

Template designers

All the templates in the templates folder of a site are listed in the generated "Site/CMS Info" page. You can give a free description of your template together with your designer's link in the file "templateinfo.htm" in your template. Only <a> and <br> tags are allowed and the length must not be greater than 400 UTF-8 characters.


Except standard plugins all plugins of a site that come with version.nfo file will be listed with a link on the "Site/CMS Info" page.

Content Management System
Aktives Template: Fhs-simple
© 2017 by fhs
A simple template with basic template functions for CMSimple_XH 1.7.x
This template requires the FA_XH plug-in!
© 2017 by lck
Template with basic template functions for CMSimple_XH 1.7.x
© 2017 by Kircher Richard /
A responsive template with basic template functions for CMSimple_XH 1.7.x
This template uses only pure CSS and HTML. JavaScript or other scripts are not used.

Newsbox News01

This box shows the content of the hidden page "News01".

More information about newsboxes can be found here:

CMSimple_XH Wiki

Help / Instructions / Links

Since CMSimple_XH is an OpenSource project where only enthusiastic developers work on without getting payed in their free time there is also no central place where all information is collected at one point. There is also no manager, no board or the like. Following you’ll find a summary of links, which could be important for questions about the CMS:

CMSimple_XH PROJECTS WEBSITE – general information

CMSimple_XH WIKI – general and professional topics

CMSimple_XH DOCUMENTATION – general and professional topics

CMSimple_XH DISCUSSION BOARD – the most up-to-date and comprehensive information source

CMSimple_XH at Github – Source code for developers